Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Dear Future Guests,
Your health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your holiday is always our primary concern. Thank you very much for taking a few moments to review the below information regarding food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Food Allergies & Ingredients

The kitchens, bars, and food outlets at our resort use wholesome ingredients, which may include peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, nut-based oils, eggs, shellfish, shrimp and shrimp paste, seafood and seafood pastes, soy, milk, wheat and other items that may be potential allergens.

Due to the all-inclusive nature of our resort, and the large scale of our food and beverage operations, we cannot guarantee that food items will not come in contact with potential allergens even if a particular dish does not normally include these ingredients.

Guests who may have severe allergic reactions to certain foods and allergens should take precautions. The resort cannot guarantee that exposure to potential allergens will not occur.

Special Diets / Dietary Restrictions

We frequently receive questions regarding special dietary needs and restrictions. In an all-inclusive setting, we are not able to accommodate individually tailored meals for specific guests. We do offer a wide variety of meal choices, which includes salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, and vegetarian options. However, we are not able to cater to specific individual needs such as vegan, gluten free, allergen free, religious observance, or similar custom made dishes.

We thank you for your attention and understanding.

Your Dining & Beverage Team

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