Experience everything Antigua has to offer. Perfectly located on the Caribbean’s magnificent northeast coast, St. James’s Club & Villas is surrounded by the natural beauty of the island and countless nearby attractions. Explore world-famous sites like Devil’s Bridge National Park, Nelson’s Dockyard, and historic Shirley Heights, or spend the day sailing around the island to see all of our gorgeous 365 beaches. Antigua is an absolute paradise for outdoor adventure, history, culture, and dining.

calypso cat catamaran

Spend the day with our fun and interactive crew exploring Antigua’s offshore islands. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, starfish, and seabirds that call these islands home.

pink panther safari

Nominated one of the Caribbean’s best excursions, this female-led tour group acts as your local guide to everything you don’t want to miss in Antigua.

verandah catamaran

Set sail on our iconic catamaran for an alluring glide along Antigua’s stunning coastline. This private charter is perfect for celebrating your anniversary, honeymoon, or special occasion.


Step aboard our fully-customized Fish Tales vessel and venture to the best deep-sea fishing sites in the Caribbean. Cast your line and have your local catch prepared for lunch or dinner at the resort.


At the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, this natural limestone archway stands as a mere testament to the power of time and water to carve beauty from rock. 


A serene, wind-swept spot delivering 180-degree views of the island’s south side. Stick around on Thursday and Sunday evenings for mouth watering barbeque, impressive cocktails, and live music.


Make a splash with stingrays and snorkel alongside ‘The Brightest Rays in the Caribbean.’ Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing rum or fruit punch and truly take in the sights of our Caribbean paradise.


Throughout its 300 year history, this iconic sugar plantation and mill has played a prominent role in Antigua and Barbuda history, as well as influenced the lives of many generations of Antiguans.